Why the Summer Real Estate Market Can Be Advantageous

Why the Summer Real Estate Market Can Be Advantageous

Posted on Jun 13, 2024

The warm breeze of summertime brings a unique opportunity to the real estate market. With factors like better weather and schedule changes, both sellers and buyers can find distinct advantages in making summer moves.

Advantages For Sellers

Showcase Landscaping and Outdoor Features 

Summer is the perfect time to highlight the full potential of your property's outdoor space. Buyers are more likely to fall in love with a property that boasts vibrant landscaping and attractive outdoor amenities, which can be difficult to highlight during colder months. A house with a beautiful garden or a sparkling pool can create a strong first impression, which is crucial in the competitive real estate market. 

Additionally, outdoor features such as patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens are more appealing during this time, as potential buyers can easily envision themselves enjoying these spaces in the warm weather. Lush gardens, well-maintained lawns, and inviting pools look their best under the summer sun. 

Buyers on a Time Crunch

Many families prefer to move before the start of a new school year. This sense of urgency can work to a seller’s advantage, as buyers might be more motivated to close deals quickly and settle into their new homes before the academic year begins. Parents are often eager to finalize their move during the summer to avoid disrupting their children’s schooling. This urgency can lead to faster decision-making and fewer delays in the closing process—which often translates to less headaches all around.

Serious Buyers

Summer is a busy time for vacations and various outdoor activities, so buyers who are house hunting during this period tend to be serious about making a purchase. These buyers are often ready to make swift decisions, leading to quicker and smoother transactions. Unlike casual browsers, serious buyers in the summer are typically more focused and prepared to make competitive offers—which can result in a more efficient selling process.

Longer Days and Better Scheduling

The extended daylight hours in summer provide more flexibility for scheduling showings after work or on weekends. Sellers can accommodate more potential buyers in a single day, increasing the chances of finding the right match for their property. This extended viewing period also allows buyers to see the property in the best possible light and gives them a chance to get a feel for the neighborhood.

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Advantages For Buyers

Less Competition

With many people on vacation, there can be less competition for available properties. This can mean fewer bidding wars and a better chance of securing your dream home at a reasonable price. In a less competitive market, buyers may have more negotiating power and can potentially secure better deals. Additionally, fewer competing offers can reduce the stress and urgency often associated with buying a home, allowing for a more relaxed and thoughtful decision-making process.

Price Reductions on Unsold Listings

Properties that didn't sell during the busy spring market may see price reductions in the summer. Sellers eager to move might be more willing to negotiate, providing buyers with potential savings. Homes that have been on the market for a while may be more open to offers below the asking price—or to negotiate on things like inspection items. This can be especially advantageous for buyers on a budget or those looking for a good investment.

Better Weather for Showings

The generally pleasant weather during summer makes it easier and more enjoyable to go to showings. If you’re looking at a property with outdoor amenities—like a pool or outdoor kitchen—it’ll be easier to picture yourself enjoying the home to its fullest.

Good weather also allows for a thorough inspection of the home’s exterior, revealing any potential issues that might be hidden in colder months. Buyers can assess the condition of the roof, siding, windows, and landscaping without the hindrance of snow or rain. This can provide buyers with greater confidence in their purchase decision.

Family-Friendly House Hunting

If you have children, summer can be an ideal time to involve them in the house hunting process. With school out, kids can join in on showings—and their input can be invaluable in choosing a home that suits the whole family. Engaging children in the home-buying process can make the transition to a new home smoother and more exciting for them. They can help identify features that are important to them, such as nearby parks, schools, and recreational facilities, ensuring the new home meets the family’s needs.

Community Vibes

Neighborhoods often come alive in the summer with community events, outdoor activities, and social gatherings. This gives buyers a better feel for the community spirit and lifestyle, helping them make more informed decisions and truly picture what life might be like in a new area. 

Observing a neighborhood during its most active season can provide insights into the level of community engagement, safety, and overall atmosphere. Buyers can interact with potential neighbors, attend local events, and explore amenities, gaining a better understanding of the community they are considering.

Moving Convenience

Moving in summer generally means better weather conditions, reducing the risk of complications that can arise from winter storms or spring rains. The summer months offer more predictable weather, which can help prevent delays and damage to belongings during the move. Additionally, the longer days provide more daylight hours for packing, loading, and unloading, making the moving process more efficient.

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The summer real estate market offers a unique set of advantages for both sellers and buyers. Whether you're looking to showcase your home’s best features, take advantage of reduced competition and price drops, or enjoy the pleasant weather for showings and moving, summer provides opportunities that can lead to successful transactions. 

If you're contemplating a move, embracing the summer market could be your key to a rewarding real estate experience.

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